One for the road

Autumn olive (aka Eleaeagnus umbellata).

Pick the fruit in early November for the fruit to ripen and half fill a bottle with the berries. Pour in an inch or two of sugar and fill to the top with vodka. A few inches of fennel top would be perfect if you’ve got some to hand. I didn’t.

Invert the bottle as many days as you remember to and decant into another container to get the fruit out after 3 months. It’ll be delicious immediately but leave it a least a year and it’ll be incredible.

Works equally well with sloes, mulberries, grated quince…

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  • I made it with cranberries, cinnamon sticks and thinly pared orange peel.

    Also attempting Limoncello – bet you grow your own lemons too? I had to buy mine in Waitrose!

    its great that there are so many thinks you can do with Voddie, I like making things, but give it all away as I cant drink it *sigh*


  • Ryan – the torture is in the waiting..

    JAS – Im tempted by your suggestions..along with Refreshers, Cough Twists, Rhubarb and Custards and Mint Imperials

    Zoe – Cranberry one sounds lovely. I've only managed to kill two lemons, so I have many to go to keep my average up..three small ones growing on the window sill. I have got som oranges in the plytunnel that are nearly ripe though, so maybe they'll find their way into some alcohol

    Stu – you're a fine man, I don't care what they say

  • Dawn – I'm just trying to lull you into a false sense of interest

    Ian – Maybe a small one…

    Esther – a few hundred of these little autumn olives, not the same as the 'regular' olive..