I’m looking for a fairly experienced gardener/grower, plus one or two others to be part of the team.

There are 17 acres filled with a vineyard, a forest garden, orchards, a new kitchen garden is being created and much more is planned. You don’t have to know what you’re doing with all of them.

You might be a committed permaculturalist, an experienced veg grower looking to widen their skills, a vineyard expert who wants to spread their wings, or something entirely different.

As well as someone well experienced, the team needs a couple of people who have all the enthusiasm and energy but want to learn too. They might be apprentices, interns or people who want to come for a short time.

There’s also an acre or two that has yet to be planned for – that might be where we grow vegetables for our courses and events or it might work for someone who wants somewhere to start their own vegbox scheme.

I’m very open to suggestions.


Things that will save us both time
Of the few non-negotiables, these are the crucials: anyone being part of this will be hugely positive, energetic and lively, happy wielding whatever tool for however long it takes to do what needs doing, and take pleasure in the little stuff as much as the bigger picture.

Things I can promise
To read every email
That those involved will be part of something unique at a very exciting time
That you’ll learn a huge amount
That you’ll have a chance to make a real difference to how Otter Farm moves forward
It’ll be hard work and huge fun

Things I can’t promise
To reply to emails
To answer queries
To be patient with dipsticks

When I’ve done this in the past, there have been hundreds of responses – so I hope you’ll understand I’d rather dedicate the time to reading every email.

If any of that appeals, please email proposals, something about yourself and what interests you about being part of this.

  • (Obviously …) not for me (nor me for you!!) but just wanted to say huge great big good luck. You will get your fair share of dipsticks and entitlement-freaks for sure. May you retain your wonderful sense of proportion and humour throughout reading all the emails and more importantly may you find the right people to take your fantastic vision forward. x

    • Thank you Sharon – very lovely of you. Already enjoying the first-filter that putting it out on social media gives you! Hope you’re enjoying spring x

  • HI Mark
    I have just sent you an email but always remember I have a great group of students at KLC and can sort out work placement help, maybe even further down the line employees. If I lived in the Wild West I would be applying for sure! ax

  • I would absolutely love the opportunity to get involved in something like this.I’m currently completing a forest school course and I’m very aware of the huge benefits of being outside, learning about nature and caring for nature. This course has sparked huge enthusiasm in me and I want to learn what I can about nature, plants, animals and gardening in general.

    I would love an opportunity to be any part of this.


  • Hi Mark, I am based just up the road in Silverton. I live off grid, on my 2.4 acre land with my two boys and am really interested in a role working with you. My career has mostly been in the events industry in Event management but once i had my second boy, started up my own touring garden which involved me designing and installing my gardens for the public to use.

    I am a passionate gardener but much better at innovative design mixing traditional with common sense asthetics. Like you, i am not too patient when it comes too dipsticks so we would have at least something to chat about. I would love the opportunity to meet and chat with you and i’m afraid i have no clue what URL is!! I am good with stuff not computers so i have left it blank.

    Warm Regards


  • I am a huge otter lover, what a job this would be. To bad I live in the US, this would be something I would love to do and learn.

  • I have been working on a estate in Devon for the last 10 years as a solo Gardner. Growing fruit vegetables herbs and as well as ornamentals. Over the last three years my current plant passion is vines, I have become Rather obsessed and have my own micro vineyard in my garden. Anyway I may be interested in your position and would like to know more. Andrew Luckett

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