Cocktail time

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]This August seems to be all about the cocktails.

Now the summer’s best ingredients are here, I’ve been coming up with cocktail recipes for a few crowdfunders, some of which I made versions of at West Dean Chilli Fiesta over the weekend. That pic is of a Dali sofa called Mae West’s Lips, which is in the main house at West Dean.

Here are the recipes I made, plus a few spares…

In the Telegraph: strawberry punch, limoncello bellini, ginger rosemary Tom Collins and minty apple and elderflower mojito right here

For Alitex: Matt’s gimlet, blackcurrant mojito, Light and Stormy, and Nectarine Lavender and Lemon Thyme bellini, and¬†right here

All of these can be readily adapted – at the weekend, I made the punch with rose scented geranium syrup instead of the sugar and rose water, and with a little Szechuan pepper.

Syrups are the easiest thing to make, and once you make a few you’ll be making a habit of them. The method is simple: equal weight of sugar and water, warmed until the sugar just dissolves, then throw in a handful of mint, lemon verbena, scented geranium, etc etc. Taste as it cools and remove the herb when the flavour is as strong as you’d like it. Bottle and it’ll keep for months in the fridge.

Happy August.


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